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New Consultant Orientation

Let's Get Started!

Complete your initial New Consultant Orientation by following the 4 Steps listed below:
  1. Listen to the Enclosed CD in your Training Packet

  2. Call the New Consultant Hotline
    [ 1-641-297-4900 / Access Code 5922 ]

  3. Review Enclosed Training Manual in your Training Packet

  4. Call Recruiter and/or Director and let them know that you have completed the first 3 Steps!

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Support Information

Seminar Affiliation: Sapphire Division

Distribution Center: Northeast Division

Mailing Addresses:
Northeast Distribution Center
Mary Kay Cosmetics
P.O. Box 6702
Somerset, NJ 08875

Fed Ex Address:
Northeast Distribution Center
Mary Kay Cosmetics
1600 Cottontail Lane
Somerset, NJ 08875

Customer Service Phone Number: 800-272-9333

National Sales Director:
Joanne Holman in Charleston, SC

Executive Senior Sales Director:
Moleda Dailey

Contact Moleda:
Phone 304-744-8807
Cell 304-542-5564
Fax 304-746-9472
E-mail magicmillion@aol.com

Mail Moleda:
Moleda Dailey
502 Montrose Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303

Unit Name: Moleda's Magic Makers!
Unit Number: J803

Mary Kay Training Center Location:
Davis Professional Building
Top Floor Suite
602 Tennessee Avenue (corner of Tenn & Lee Streets)
Charleston, WV 25302

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